Phanosland - For the Lovers


To celebrate the launch of Phanosland's Debut EP, For the Lovers, we invited frontman, Phanos over for a Faros Brothers seafood feast and asked him a couple of questions. 

JC - What did you do last night?

PH - Didn't sleep.

JC - Yeah, why was that?

PH - I can't do this. I really can't do this. This is hard. Life's hard.

JC - How much sleep have you had in last couple of days?

PH - None. None at all.

JC - Do you think the lack of sleep helps to develop your creative vision?

PH - Uh, I hope so.

JC - What's your vision like right now?

PH - Very blurry. I'm seeing four of you right now.
Five of you.

JC - You've sent an email to the Cyprus Community Club regarding launching your EP there.  Have they agreed to take you yet?

PH - No.

JC - What will you do if they don't?

PH - I'll be very upset. I'll probably cry a little.

JC - What's your next choice?

PH - The Greek Orthodox Church in Belmore. Or Corinthians, yeah. No.

JC - What was your first CD you bought?

PH - It was Alien Ant Farm’s 'Smooth Criminal'.

JC - Was it a remix?

PH - ...

JC - So, you had your first DJ set last night. What were some of the requests?

PH - Marilyn Manson at 60 BPM.

JC - Did they get their request?

PH - Hell no.  I'm a bit of a brick wall, aren't I?

JC - How much did you spend on this EP?

PH - Six bucks.

JC - What's kept you going?

PH - My mother. Oh wait, that could come across too earnest. Gross. Yuck.

JC - What made you decide to release on tape? Do you remember the first tape you bought?

PH - I like tapes. The first tape I bought was from a San Fran band called Errors. They have no real presence online, I don't think. Maybe they're dead.

JC - How many times have you been to the states?

PS - Twice! In 2013 and 2015. Did 20 states.

JC - You brought some chocolate for us…

PH - Yeah, I want you to all grow up big and strong. It’s imported from Greece. Good shit!

JC - What colour is your lighter?

PH - It’s Pink. Pantone 196.

JC - Who's face is that... The pin on your lapel?

PH - It's El Greco. He was a painter. Like Hitler, but like, different paintings. He was chill for a bit.

JC - What's your wallpaper on your phone?

PH - My wallpaper is a Gaetano painting of Orpheus and Eurydice.

JC - What's your most recent note?

PH - That’s personal. [Stops to check] Oh, it’s lame. It’s the track list.

JC - How many pairs of red socks do you own?

PH - 23.

JC - Is that how old you are?

PH - 22. I'm ready. I’m ready for the next birthday. Going in strong. Hectic.