Sunscreen's Second Single, Voices, is out through Dinosaur City Records today


Album art by Miri Badger

Sunscreen started when Sarah Sykes invited Alexander McDonald and Hugo Levingston over for a jam. She was too scared to show her songs (or idea for a band name) to anyone else. Through the Summer of 2016, the trio wrote their first songs in Sarah’s sweaty Newtown garage. Fast forward to 2017, the band (with the addition of new bass player, Jett Thompson) has come off the back of supporting some of Australia’s best new acts such as Rolling Blackouts C.FShining Bird, and Totally Mild.

Spearheaded by Alex’s instantly catchy guitar riffs Sunscreen's guitar-pop places dreamy Cocteau Twins-esque vocal melodies over driving post-punk-inspired beats. Their emotional guitar pop strikes a chord with fans of Mazzy Star, and fast-moving, '90s-inspired rock. 

This week sees the band's release their second single, Voices, due out on May 1 through Dinosaur City Records. You can hear it on SpotifyiTunesApple Music and Google Play here, or stream through our SoundCloud.

“Voices began last year as a jam between Hugo and Alex in my old garage. They started playing this insane, driving rhythm, and I began to sing over the top "it's my head, it's just in mine", lyrics that would eventually become the chorus. The theme of the song is anxiety. The lyrics are semi-triumphant, acknowledging that things in reality aren't as bad as they seem. But they're also self-deprecating; about kicking yourself when you realise it's your own mind that's causing the problem.” - Sarah Sykes, lead vocalist - Sunscreen