New Lovers release debut album, Performance


Last Friday saw the celebration of New Lovers' debut album, Performance, with a launch party supported by Sadventure and The Southend Rainbows at Newtown's Waywards.

'Performance' is an album of balladry that weaves a fabric darker and deeper into the emotional verbatim than many others will ever go. 

Lyricist and frontman Nicholas Elias, has spent the last 13 years working as an Architect while teaching at Sydney University. He has designed buildings of temperament and longevity for the generations of this city. However at the age of 36, just like the edifice he draws, Nicholas is giving us an artwork of endurance, through poetic defiance he convinces us that it is truly a dangerous act to commit.

Today the album is available on all digital streaming services, and as a limited edition cassette.

Get it here: digital / cassette