No Local release debut album, 'Never Really Feels like I'm Going to be Around for Long'


Dinosaur City Records are proud to announce the release of No Local's debut album 'Never Really Feels like I'm Going to be Around for Long'.  We caught up with Snowy on Google Hangouts prior to the launch. 

JC - Hey Snowy!!! How are you?

Snowy - Stressed out, I think. Maybe I drank too much coffee...

Snowy - Forget that, I'm good!

JC - Ah no! Long black? (I'm just guessing here).

Snowy - Coles Express Cappuccino. Good guess, though.

JC - On a scale of one to 7/11 coffee, how bad was it?

Snowy - Well, it's 20c cheaper than 7/11.

JC - Oh, that is cheap. What've you been up to today?

Snowy - I drove about 40 minutes out to Box Hill and back to buy a scanner I had found on Gumtree. I want to start drawing more and be able to digitise my drawings. It was advertised for $15 but because the guy at Coles Express refused to give me the change that I wanted I ended up having to give the scanner-guy a $20 note. I don't even know if the scanner works yet...

JC - What've you been drawing? I hope the scanner works! That sounds like quite an ordeal.

Snowy - I've just been drawing patterns etc. I like drawing small repeated images, making a larger pattern out of them, like the 'bedspread' on the cover of the No Local album.

JC - Oh right. I really like the flower design on the front of your cover. I didn't know you drew it! What inspired the NRFLIGBAFL album artwork? Also, what did you create the white figure from? (I am asking as I have been curious as to how you made it since I first saw the cover a few months ago).

Snowy - Thanks! I originally wanted it to be a photo: a top-down photo of a naked, hairless, genital-less, malnourished version of myself spread out on my floral doona covered bed. I'm not sure I'm ready for that sort of commitment to my art... Not just yet. Album #2? 

I’m not sure where the original inspiration came from... I suppose I have a habit of holding onto what would otherwise be bad, fleeting ideas until I become fixated on them. (The white dude is a few layers of black watercolour that I inverted the colours of and outlined in photoshop).

JC - That's quite an interesting idea. Maybe album #2!!! Is there a plan for album #2 in the near future? How long were you working on NRFLIGBAFL for? (By the way, I love the title/have always been drawn to that lyric in 'Thinking the Wrong Things').

Snowy - I started NRFLIGBAFL nearly 2 years ago, and finished it off about this time last year. It all stemmed from the line the album title was taken from, actually, before I had any music at all. The lyrics came almost entirely from a few months in 2015 when I was playing and touring with a band I hated and eventually left. I was writing these volumes of diaries, usually drunk, where I was documenting the bad times, making predictions of the future and trying to develop psychic abilities. I found them again at my Dad's house about a year later and burnt them. 

The music started with just drums. My bandmate and oldest friend, Zac played about an hour of drums that got chopped up and re-arranged, which the rest of the album was recorded over.


Album #2's drums have been recorded now too! I have the album title... It might take a little longer to get the ball rolling any more on my end. (I’m probably too content with life at the moment).

JC - Woah, that's quite the story. How did you burn the diaries?

Snowy - In one of those old-style school bins that was at my house to be used as a fire bucket.

JC - Woah. I heard you wrote 'Not Looking for Love' during an inpatient stay medical trial?

Snowy - Yeah I made all the music for that one, along with a few others, when I was making big dollars doing medical trials. The hospital is a weird environment to be stuck in for 14 days and nights without leaving but is strangely conducive to making music I've found. It can be a productive situation to be in, having no other option but to make the most of your time, often stuck in bed, the only interruptions being getting my blood taken or having my vitals read. Sometimes a few days would pass and I’d realise I’d been intensely focussed on a song or two which would be great! Other times days and days could pass by just as easily where I’d just been in bed refreshing Facebook all day. Sounds just like normal life outside, I guess.