'For the Lovers' by Phanosland

To celebrate the launch of Phanosland's Debut EP, For the Lovers, we invited Phanos over for a Faros Brothers seafood feast and asked him a couple of questions. 

JC - What did you do last night!?

PH - Didn't sleep.

JC - Yeah why was that?

PH - I can't do this. I really can't do this. This is hard. Life's hard.

JC- How many minutes does your EP go for?

PH - 22.5 minutes.

JC - You've sent an email to the Cyprus Community Club regarding launching your EP there.  Have they agreed to take you yet?

PH - No.

JC - What will you do if they don't?

PH - I'll be very upset.

JC - What's your next choice?

PH - The Greek Orthodox Church in Belmore. Or Corinthians, yeh. No.

JC - What was your first CD you bought?

PH - It was Alien Ant Farm’s 'Smooth Criminal'

JC - Was it a remix?

PH - ...

JC - So, you had your first DJ set last night. What were some of the requests?

PH - Marilyn Manson... 60 BPM.

JC - Did they get their request?

PH - Hell no.  I'm a bit of a brick wall, aren't I?

JC - How much sleep have you had in last couple of days?

PH - None. None at all.

JC - Do you think the lack of sleep helps to develop your creative vision?

PH - Yeah totally.

JC - What's your vision like right now?

PH - Very blurry. I'm seeing four of you right now. Five of you.

JC - We’ve been pretty impressed by your PR the past couple of weeks. How did you get these people holding up the ‘For the Lovers’ signs? Did you just go into your local gym and asked if they could help you out?

PH - I was doing some chin-ups at the gym, and this guy clocked me from across the room. He and his girlfriend were so impressed and we got talking. I told them I was working on this EP and they asked if I needed any help with promo. I asked them if they could help me out. They screen printed a gym mat. I kept doing chin-ups. It was real nice… The two girls in Las Vegas, they’re my daughters. I’m not sure who the mother is.

JC - How much did you spend on this EP?

PH - 6 bucks.

JC - What's kept you going?

PH - My mother. Oh wait, that could come across too ernest. Gross. Yuck.

JC - What made you decide to release it on tape?

PH - I like tapes. The first tape I bought was from a San Fran band called Errors. They have no presence online or anywhere else.

JC - How did you find out about them?

PS - I went to the US in 2013 and 2015. I’ve done 20 states.

JC - You brought some chocolate for us…

PH - Yeah, it’s imported from Greece.

JC - What colour is your lighter?

PH - It’s Pink. Pantone 196.

JC - What's your wallpaper on your phone?

PH - My wallpaper is a Gaetano painting of Orpheus and Eurydice.

JC - What's your most recent note?

PH - That’s personal. Oh, it’s lame. It’s the track list.

JC - Who's face is that... On the pin on your lapel?

PH - It's El Greco. He’s a painter. He’s like Hitler, but like, different paintings. He was chill for a bit.

JC - How many pairs of red socks do you own?

PH - 23

JC - Is that how old you are?

PH - 22. I'm ready. I’m ready for the next birthday. Going in strong. Hectic.